In November 2004 Sandra & Ian Day were the sole civilian members of a mainly German re-enactment group called the “Frontline association”

At Eden camp that year they had a long talk with the group chairman Andy March who asked Sandra to set up a “Homefront section of the Frontline Association”

The main idea being sitting round a camp fire making rugs.

Sandra & Ian however had different idea’s as they already had a considerable collection of 1940’s artefacts and had the idea of putting these on a display

During the 2005 re-enactment season they steadily recruited like minded soles until reaching 30 members by the end of the year and also had a single booking for 2006.

A decision was made that during the 2006 season the section would run independently, with the ambition of becoming an independent group in January 2007.

A new name was needed and “UK Homefront” was chosen with the slogan of “Bringing History to Life” A web site was started along with a separate bank account & committee.

2006 was a very successful season for UK Homefront who attended nearly 20 events ending the season with just under 40 members and a healthy bank balance.

UK Homefront formally broke away from the Frontline Association on the 1st of January 2007, now with a membership of 50, a membership waiting list, a long list of events for the foreseeable future and an excellent growing reputation.

UK Homefront have attended events from Berwick in the North to Warwick in the South. Oswestry in the West to Hull in the East they have also been to Schools, Colleges, Museums, Stately homes and even been involved in a Film Shoot!

A speciality is our famous display, covering up to 18 tables with other scenarios such as a wash day & an LDV parade. They are becoming repeatedly asked for at shows up & down the UK. They are regularly booked by five (5) different event organisers and have received compliments and praise from all quarters, as the testimonials page on this web site can bare witness.

The future certainly looks bright for UK Homefront, a group that has progressed a very long way in just a short time.


Ian Day




We all like meeting up at events in our 40s clothing, and doing displays as well as scenarios, we also like meeting up with veterans who were in the war who can give us an insight as to how they coped in the war.We believe the history of the war and the homefront in particular should still be told.We give talks and demonstrations at schools as well as events and museums and we find when we are at schools the children enjoy hearing and talking about it.

As a group we all class ourselves as family and friends.

It’s funny but when we are at an event we go back to 1940s with no stress, that only comes when we leave an event and come back to the year 2006.

At an event with a display we all muck in and help each other out, if one of us has a problem then we talk it out there and then, so that we can get on with the rest of the weekend as we feel this is the best way to clear the air.At the end of the event we get together to talk how the weekend went.

We all love talking to the public and helping them in any way that we can, as they help us all by telling us if we our not doing any of it right.

In the winter months when there are no events we, the group, try to arrange a trip out for the day somewhere so that we can dress up in our 40s clothing, we all go to lunch then best of all we go for that cup of tea, at the end of another enjoyable day. 



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