UK Homefront can be booked to visit your school or college to show students how people lived in the 1940’s, a great bonus when studying key stage 2 history of WW2


Why not let the children go back in time to 1942?  


Our motto is “Bringing History to Life” and that is exactly what we do.  No matter what the age or gender of the student.  They will be entertained and educated at the same time.


Most young people nowadays know how to use a washing machine, but how many know the difference between a posser and a dolly peg?


How easy was it to use a dolly tub, wash board and a mangle?


Can you work out what our mystery item is?


How did mothers protect their children from a gas attack?  How did they manage to carry a baby’s gas mask whilst keeping the baby alive?


What and how much food did we eat back then and what foods that we accept as part of our daily diet today, were just not available or were even seen as being unpatriotic.


This and much more is covered try out our 70 year old vacuum cleaner or push around our 65 year old baby’s pram.


Have a look at a Second World War wedding cake, don’t worry it's only cardboard!! 


Everyone (teachers included) can try our 1940’s fun quiz and everyone gets a certificate at the end of it.


Listen to the 40’s music and join in the games and sing along, but don’t forget to lie still on the floor when the air raid siren sounds and the bombs start falling.


A typical days visit would be:-





Introduction, who we are & what we do, our names & reminding the children that it is the 1940s “children are seen & not heard and sit on the floor”.

An overview from 1940, of what is happening in the war. Also war news from this day in 1939 & 1940.

Talks on ARP & GAS masks (sound of air raid siren), talks on the household items.



          An overview from 1942 & war news from this day in 1941 & 1942.

          Talk on Rationing & food game.


--------MEAL BREAK (1940s food?) -------



          An overview from 1944 & war news from this day in 1943 & 1944.

          Talk on Washing and hands on with the dolly tub and the mangle.



          An overview from 1945, complete the quiz, questions, look at display, fashion show & presentation of fancy dress certificates. Also if time permits a sing along.



To discuss your needs or any queries contact MR IAN DAY or why not make it a true 1940s weekend?  Just go to our web site look at the "what we offer events" page for the complete 1940s experience.


Look out for the Battle Bus at a 40’s event also see our events diary and come and have a chat with the gang.



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