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Can You Face the Acid Test?


          Enlarged pores, blackheads, white heads, coarse skin, and sallowness over and over again these problems figure in my post.

          Few people realise that these complexion worries can, one and all be caused by acidity.

          My you Iím not saying they always are, but very often, you see the trouble is that ones system sometimes becomes over acid.

          These internal acids find their way out through the skin, causing all these unpleasant conditions.

          Once the root of the trouble is found the next thing is to search for a remedy and preventive.

          Beauty specialists have long known that magnesium hydroxide has a definite refining and beautifying effect on the skin, and now a well known firm has brought out two brilliant face creams made with milk of magnesia.

          Used in conjunction with each other, they have the power to neutralise these harmful acids and give the skin power to attain real loveliness and flawlessness.

          One is the magnesia cleansing and the other is a magnesia texture cream.

          The cleansing cream is a beautifully fine one that gets right down into the pores, loosens the surface dust and make up and floats it right off.

          As well as a cleanser, itís grand for face massage, too, and should be used on the neck as well as on the face.

          Facial massage, you know is wonderful when youíre feeling tired and tense.

          The second cream is the texture one; First and foremost, itís a protective cream guarding against dust, winds and cold and preventing the face from getting that weather beaten look.

          As a power base, itís also excellent because when applied it smoothes and softens the skin so that the power goes on evenly and stays matt for a long time.

          You can also use it as a nourishing cream overnight, and it is equally beneficial to a dry or a greasy skin.

          If you want your skin to look really radiant and lovely, I would suggest that you use these two creams as follows.

          Cleanse the face thoroughly with the cleansing cream. Then apply very hot towels to the face and pat in a little of the texture cream.

          Allow it to remain on for three to five minutes before slapping the face vigorously with cold towels for two to three minutes.

          Lastly smooth in a little more texture cream and apply the rest of your make up in the usual way.

          Youíll find your skin as fresh and fine as a flower and able to pass the most acid test.





          Cream is sometimes slightly stiff, particularly in cold weather, so put a dab of foundation in the palm and soften it.

          Dot lightly all over the face and neck, and smooth over the skin, very thoroughly.

          Be careful to blend off the cream round the hairline and under the jaw, and then fade off gradually until you meet the dressline.



          Cream rouge is applied beneath a liquid power foundation, but over the creamy types in either case, always before powdering.

          Itís smoothed lightly over the cheekbones, then stroked up towards the eye and hairline until itís scarcely visible, next blended very lightly, high under outer corner of eye.



          Next, a specially fine power is pressed gently but firmly into the skin, over the whole face, forehead and neck.

          This is applied with cotton wool pad (if you can get any) unless there is time for daily washing of puffs.

          Then a soft complexion brush is used to fluff off the surplus power.

          Brush power outwards from the centre of the face.




          A lip brush is used to outline the natural lipline sharply and carefully (the natural colour does not always quite reach this line).

          More colour is then worked smoothly into the lips, using either the brush or a lipstick.

          The lips are then blotted on a scrap of tissue, for extra indelibility, and recoloured to give depth.


Eye Shadow


          Eye shadow should never show, it should simply add transparency; it is applied centrally, above the lashes then smoothed gently upwards and outwards until its non existent at the temples.

          For day wear, a grey shadow only should be used, but for evening glamour, green, blue, or mauve shades are more exciting.



          Mascara is applied to the lashes with a clean brush; another clean, dry brush is used to separate the lashes.

          On the brows it is lightly applied to the hairs only, eyebrow pencil should be used only when there are no hairs to darken.

          The raven dark girl can use black mascara, but dark brown for the brunette.




New stocking Ė to take away the too shiny look from silk stocking, rinse them before wearing them.


Darn diagonally across the weave instead of with it, and the darn will give as the stocking stretches, thus lessening the tendency of the fabric to break into new holes near to darn.


To make stocking wear and keep their colour , soak them before wearing for ten minutes in boiling water , to which has been added enough washing blue to colour it.


Dissolve some shredded soap in a very little hot water.

Cool down the lather with cold water until it is just warm, and then put in your stocking.

Do not rub but squeeze them about until all the dirt is removed.

Rinse in two or three tepid waters, squeeze out as much moisture as possible without wringing and dry in the shade.


How to Improve Your Eyelashes


Q.      My eyelashes are so thin and scanty, I canít hope to be a glamour girl, but I would like to improve them a little if I can, do you know of any treatment that would help. ?    Gwendoline   B.


A.      Scanty eyelashes are nearly always due to the drying up of natural oils, and a very simple treatment will help them.

          Get some golden eye ointment and with a small brush paint it along the eyelids every night just beside the lashes.

          Youíll find that this works wonders with them.





1.     To fill out hollows in the neck, warm a little olive oil and pat it into the hollow places with your finger tips. Repeat this treatment every night before going to bed.

2.     Combing your hair in the sunshine will help to keep it in good condition. Lift up your hair, piece by piece to let the air and sunshine reach the roots.

3.     Coating the chin with a teaspoonful of rum tragacanth, mixed to a jelly with ordinary vinegar and slapping vigorously with, the backs of the fingers will soon get rid of a double chin. Afterwards dab gently with an astringent lotion. This treatment should be given nightly.

4.     Cucumber is excellent for whitening the skin. Put a few slices of cucumber in a saucer of milk, and let it soak for an hour. Then gently wash the face with the milk and rub the cucumber into the skin. Let it dry on for half an hour, then spray it off with a little rose water. This treatment will be very soothing when the skin has become hot and rough with the sun and wind.

5.     Cold tea is good for strengthening the eyes and making them bright and sparkling. Stain the tea into a bowl; soak small cotton wool pads in it. Close the eyes and place the pads on them for five minutes.

6.     Hands will stay soft and white if,  before washing them, a little peroxide of hydrogen is well rubbed in. At night apply a liberal supply of a good cleansing cream, massaging it well into your hands, then cover with loose cotton gloves before going to bed, to protect the bedclothes.


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