Board of Trade                                                                        Leaflet UFD/6


The number of Units etc, which can be allowed, is limited owing to the shortage of supplies and heavy demand. Many applicants are therefore allowed only part of what they have asked for. The numbers of applications received are too large for it  to be possible to send a special letter of explanation in each case, but  if you have not received all you asked for you will find the reasons in this leaflet  ( see particularly paragraphs 1 to 4,14,15, and 19,to 22,) . Notes explaining how the permits and dockets should be used are given on the permit cover and should be read carefully.



Number of

units required


Number of units


Wardrobe (4’0”)


Kitchen chair


Wardrobe (3’0”)


Kitchen cabinet (complete)


Dressing chest (3’0”)


Kitchen cabinet (top)


Dressing chest (2’6”)


Kitchen cabinet





Fireside chair


Bedstead (metal) (4’6”)


Arm chair




Bed chair


Bedstead (3’0”)


Woven Fibre chair




Divan (3’0”)


Dining table


Divan (2’6”)


Dining chair




Kitchen table (4’0”x 3’0”)




Kitchen table

(3’6”x 2’0” )


Occasional table




Curb ( Fender)



1-             Production is limited and the demand is heavy and increasing. In Order that everyone who is eligible may get his fair share no applicant is allowed more than a maximum number of units varying according to the size of his family. If they are furnishing a home the maximum allowance for a married couple is 60 units plus 10 units for each child. No allowance can be made for lodgers and visitors. In most cases only proportion of the total units allowable can be used immediately. The remainder cannot be used until an announcement is made making them valid. The deferred units, which are coloured differently from the current ones, are NOT fastened in a current permit book.

2-             Couples who are not furnishing a home of their own but have to furnish their own bedroom are given units for bedroom furniture only. The maximum allowance is 25units (sufficient for a double bed, a large size wardrobe and tallboy or large size dressing chest) with a small addition for each child.

3-             If the applicant already has some furniture available for his use, or where built in furniture is provided in pre fabricated houses or temporary bungalows, the maximum allowance is reduced accordingly.

4-             Bedsettees and divans are more expensive in labour and materials than beds, and units cannot be allowed for them where a bed would meet the need.

5-             You are free to use your units to buy what furniture you choose but you should take care to include in your order the articles you need most urgently. No extra units will be granted if you fail to order something essential nor will deferred units (see paragraph 1 above) be exchanged for current ones.

6-             It is illegal to sell permits or units or to give or transfer them to anyone else. If the need for which you are given a permit does not arise, e.g. if you do not set up a house after all you must return it.

7-             If you cannot see any utility furniture in the shops to help you to choose, than ask a shopkeeper to show you a copy of the illustrated catalogue. You can get your own copy (price 9p) by going to any newsagent or bookseller or by post direct from H.M. Stationery Office at the following addresses.

York House, Kingsway London, W.C.2

13a Castle Street, Edinburgh, 2

39-41 King Street, Manchester,2

1, St Andrew’s Crescent, Cardiff

80, Chichester Street Belfast.

8-             The buying permit is valid in the area shown on it. You may order the furniture from any furniture retailer in the area but in order to save transport, you should choose a shop near you as possible to the address at which you will be using the furniture. The prices given in the catalogue include delivery within a radius of 15miles, but the retailer may charge for delivery beyond this radius.

9-             Since supplies of utility furniture are limited manufacturers will not be able to keep large stocks and there may be some delay before the furniture is delivered. The Board of Trade cannot guarantee that the factories producing utility furniture will be able to deliver the articles within any definite time after an order has been placed.

10-                     If you buy second hand utility furniture the shopkeeper must collect the full number of units. The instructions given on the permit and in this leaflet apply to all utility furniture, but not to non utility furniture which you can buy without a permit.

11-                     Utility Furniture is free of purchase tax. Maximum prices have been fixed for both new and second hand utility  furniture, and traders are permitted to sell under a hire purchase or credit sale agreement subject to a minimum initial payment , to a maximum charge for the facility, and to full payment being made within two years from the date of the contract. The retailer from whom you buy the furniture will be able to show you a list of cash prices and give particulars of hire purchase terms.

12-                     Utility nursery furniture (that is cots, playpens, and babies chairs) can be bought without a permit, but there will only be enough for people who really need it and you should not buy a new chair or cot, if you have an old one which will do.

Priority Dockets for Mattresses, Blankets, Sheets, Curtain Material and Floor Covering.

These dockets give you priority on the available supplies. Part of the total supplies of floor covering, utility mattresses, National Price Controlled blankets and utility sheets will however, reach the shops in the ordinary way and can be brought without dockets.

The quantity will be kept as large as possible and will increase as supplies improve.

The Board of Trade have already been able to make some increase in supplies but there cannot be enough to meet all demands until production can be restored to normal peace time.

Mattresses, Blankets, and Sheets.

13-                     Priority dockets for mattresses are valid for utility mattresses, blanket dockets for National Price Controlled blankets, and dockets for sheets for utility sheets including flannelette sheets.

14-                     Priority dockets for mattresses, blankets and sheets can in general be allowed only where the applicant is NOW about to furnish his home of his own for the very first time.

15-                     The maximum allowance is one mattress, two blankets and three sheets for each bed that is in use.

Persons who qualify only because they are bringing one extra bed into use ( for a growing child) cannot be allowed more than the maximum for that bed, ( 1 mattress, 2 blankets, 3 sheets) .persons who already have some bedding cannot be allowed more than the difference between the maximum allowance and what they already have.

16-                     Priority dockets may be used for either single or double bed sizes of sheets, blankets and mattresses. The supplies of both sides should be enough to meet the requirements for which dockets are issued, but it is important that people, who are equipping single beds, for children growing out of cots, should use their dockets for single size sheets and blankets. Otherwise people who really need double sizes may have to accept smaller articles or have to wait some time before getting what they want.

17-                     Supplies of blankets include a large number of gray and brown blankets. Priority docket holders cannot insist on having a particular type of blanket against their dockets and must either accept what is offered to them or forfeit their right to priority.

18-                     The Board of Trade cannot guarantee that particular sizes of types of goods will be available for docket holders.

Curtain Materials

19-                     Only one priority docket for a maximum of 15 square yards can be allowed, this should be sufficient in most cases to provide curtains for one main living room. As well as giving priority on available supplies the docket permits the purchase of the material without the surrender of clothing coupons. A few curtain materials are coupon free, and any requirements in excess of 15 square yards have to be met from the unrationed materials or by the surrender of personal clothing coupons.

20-                     In general a docket can be allowed only if the applicant is NOW  about to set up house for the first time, it cannot be allowed for example to persons who have already set up house in rooms or whose only qualification under the scheme is that they have to provide an extra bed for a growing child.

Floor Covering

21-                     Only one priority docket can be allowed, it can be used to buy a maximum of 20 square yards of linoleum, substitute linoleum or felt base floor covering.

22-                     The limitations explained in paragraph 20 apply also to dockets for floor covering.

Articles not Covered by the Scheme

Permits and dockets are not issued under this scheme for the following articles which, except where noted can be bought without coupons. Permits or dockets though they may be scarce 



    Coir Matting

    Pillow cases

    Table cloths

    Cot bedding

    Heavier type of cotton blankets.

    Towels; clothing coupons have to be surrendered but no supplementary allowance is made.



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